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BrutalX – Jade Jantzen – Stepsister Fucked For Stealing

  • BrutalX – Jade Jantzen – Stepsister Fucked For Stealing




    Jade gets back home to find a wallet left unattended. She picks a few bills. The stepbrother noticed the missing bills in his wallet. He knows who did it because nobody else is in the house. Jade being totally unbelievable, he grabs her and rips her camisole apart. She falls on her knees, and the brother pulls his dick out. Jade is not amused by this blowjob forced upon her. He slaps his dick on her face in order for her to obey. The stepbrother then rips Jade’s jeans apart, pull her panties on one side, and start to fuck her hard on the couch. He holds her mouth shut then fucks her more. He swings her doggy style, pulls her panties even further for more fucking action. Jade tries to get away so he holds her arms behind her back. Always holding Jade, he sits on the couch and positions her for some cowgirl action. Because of his firm grasp on her ripped jeans, Jades can’t get away. He moves her sideways and also prevents her from screaming. He flips Jade on her stomach and continue to pound her, her butt and ass hole prominently featured, and again holding her arms behind her back. The stepbrother pulls out, and Jade thinks that the ordeal is finally over. But fortunately for the viewer, he grabs her ass and sets her in the reverse cowgirl position. Finally, he makes Jade drop on her knees for the money shot on her closed mouth.

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