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    MormonGirlz reveals the sexual rituals practiced
    by a secret priesthood of powerful Mormon men,
    known as the Patriarchal Order.
    These men “comprise the inner circle of faithful members” of the Church. They have taken secret oaths and merit great blessings. These are God’s chosen priests, the sacred seedbearers chosen to rebuild the lost tribes of Israel.
    The church teaches that “the power and authority to direct the work of gathering the house of Israel was given to Joseph Smith by the prophet Moses, who appeared in 1836 in the Kirtland Temple.”
    These seedbearers have unique authority to spread their seed among the daughters of Zion, and they are free to select sexual partners from among all the women in the community — even if those women are already married.
    During their journey these fertile virgins have their soft and tender orifices inspected and inseminated. They become the spiritual wives of the seedbearers, and may ultimately become queens and priestesses if they honor and obey their celestial husband.
    This is the sacred right and privilege of the Patriarchal Order. Worthy girls are selected to serve and obey these priests, for the building of the kingdom, in heaven and on earth.Converts are to be gathered spiritually first and then physically. They are gathered spiritually as they join the Patriarchal Order and make and keep sacred covenants. And physically as they practice the true order of marriage receiving the higher priesthood and temple endowments.
    “Celestial marriage, or polygamy, is the gate to membership in the church of the Firstborn, the inner circle of faithful saint who are heirs of exaltation and the fulness of the Father’s kingdom.” (Mormon Doctrine, p. 139)
    When a seedbearer adds a girl to his celestial family by insemination, her earthly husband, if she has one, must not resist. He must watch the seedbearer consummate the true marriage with his wife. He cannot have sex or even touch his wife unless given explicit permission to do so by the seedbearer.
    And when these high priests bear children they are children of the covenant and will receive from the tribe of Ephraim their promised blessings (see D&C 133:26–34).
    The sacred practice of polygamy continues to this day. It is accompanied by a set of secret rituals that prepare selected women to be inseminated in a room of the temple called the Seed Chamber. These rituals are highly sacred and reserved for the initiated.
    Calling and Election, or The Second Anointing.
    Many have heard of this covenant but very little is known about it. It is a practice reserved for very few believers. It is the highest ordinance practiced by the governing priesthood body within the Patriarchal Order known as The True Order, or simply, “The Order.” Being sealed up to eternal life through the Patriarchal Order, or having your calling and election made sure, is the single greatest aspiration of any Mormon.
    When the Seed Bearer is prompted to initiate a potential partner, he begins a process that can culminate in acquiring her through the Covenant to be one of his spiritual plural wives. The process is humiliating and confusing, but Mormon girls know that it is a rare privilege. If a girl receives this covenant, also knows as the second anointing, her name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.
    There are certain keys and signs which must be observed and are only revealed in the temple. Washings, anointings, endowments, and the communication of keys, the prophet said, are essential to enable one to secure the fullness of the blessings prepared for the Church of the Firstborn.
    What are these keys and signs?
    Not all of the keys and signs have been shared, but these are the steps a girl will usually undergo in order to become the Seed Bearer’s:
    First, The Calling. The Seed Bearer gives each potential partner a thorough physical inspection, sometimes including masturbation. The girl must promise to honor and obey him. This is followed by The Unveiling. On an altar in the temple, the girl is now inspected by the women who have been sealed to the Seed Bearer. She is stripped naked and must promise to honor and obey them. Then she is prepared with a stone instrument, a urim and thummim. The wives must be in agreement that their potential new wife is an appropriate addition to the flock. Once the flock agrees, she is led to a dark room in the temple to be washed and anointed. This purification cleans her of the blood and sins of this generation, preparing her to receive the seed. At any point during the girls journey, the Seed Bearer may decide she needs disciplinary action. To repent for her sins, the Seed Bearer orders her to endure the Priesthood Stretcher — a device that punishes her virgin hole. The next step is the Endowment. It is time for her to demonstrate complete obedience by a willingness to say give up her earthly position. She is presented at the veil of the temple. She gets on her knees and services a representative of the Lord through a perforation in the veil. Then she crawls through the veil on her hands and knees. Now that the girl has proven herself worthy, she is ready to be penetrated by the Seed Bearer himself, but this time to receive his seed. This is the First Seeding. If the girl is already married, her cuckold husband is made to watch as the Seed Bearer inseminates (and possibly deflowers) the other man’s bride. This may be the end of the girl’s journey with the Seed Bearer, but if he feels moved to do so, he may make the girl his spiritual wife. In the temple, she will be led through a tiny opening into the Seed Chamber. Here, she will enter the Covenant. The girl crawls into the room, and then washes the Seed Bearer’s feet. Then she is inseminated, sealed to the Seed Bearer and her body is made his property. Finally, in the highest and most sacred room in the temple, the girl may be invited to participate in Family Breeding. It is the gate to the kingdom of heaven, and symbolic of the godhood that the Seed Bearer will obtain in the life to come. The girl is invited to have sex with him and his spiritual wives in a beautiful orgy.

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    001 – 140114_mgz2_720p Sister Davis & Sister Balkin.mp4
    002 – 140402_mgz5_720p Sister Young & Sister Nelson.mp4
    003 – 140402_mgz6_720p Sister Young & Sister Nelson, Part 2.mp4
    004 – 140403_mgz7_720p Sister Davis & Sister Young, Part 1.mp4
    005 – 140403_mgz8_720p Sister Davis & Sister Young, Part 2.mp4
    006 – 140408_mgz10_a_720p Sister Clark & Sister Sorkin, Part 1.mp4
    007 – 140408_mgz10_b_720p Sister Clark & Sister Sorkin, Part 2.mp4
    008 – 140408_mgz9_720p Sister Clark.mp4
    009 – 140507_720p Sister Davis & Sister Price Get an Elder Off.mp4
    010 – 140507_mgz11_720p Sister Price & Sister Davis, Part 1.mp4
    011 – 140507_mgz12_720p Sister Davis & Sister Price, washing and anointing.mp4
    012 – 140508_mgz15_720p Sister Price & Sister Davis in the Jacuzzi.mp4
    013 – 140508_mgz16_720p Sister Price and Sister Davis. Preparation Da.mp4
    014 – 140508_mgz17_720p Sister Price, scripture study.mp4
    015 – 140508_mgz18_720p Sister Davis finds a little surprise.mp4
    016 – 140508_mgz19_720p The Court of Love.mp4
    017 – 140806_01_720p Sister Jones & Sister Bianchi, Part 1.mp4
    018 – 140806_02_720p Sister Jones & Sister Bianchi, Part 2.mp4
    019 – 140806_03_720p Sister Jones & Sister Bianchi Can’t Stop.mp4
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    028 – 141003_04_720p Sister Hardy and Elder Kensington secret rendezvous.mp4
    029 – 141004_1_720p Sister Hardy & Sister Pratt finally get it on!.mp4
    030 – 141004_2_720p Sister Hardy & Sister Pratt – Companionship Inventory.mp4
    031 – 141004_3_720p Sister Hardy Catches Sister Pratt in the Act.mp4
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    070 – 151006_1_720p Anne – The Calling.mp4
    071 – 151006_2_720p Anne – First Seeding.mp4
    072 – 151006_3_720p Anne – Endowment.mp4
    073 – 151006_4_720p Betty – The Covenant.mp4
    074 – 151006_5_720p Anne – Unveiling.mp4
    075 – 151006_6_720p Anne – Anointing.mp4
    076 – 151006_7_720p Sister Davis – Family Breeding.mp4
    077 – 151007_1_720p Grace – The Calling.mp4
    078 – 151007_2_720p Betty – The Calling.mp4
    079 – 151007_3_720p Grace – First Seeding.mp4
    080 – 151007_4_720p Grace – Unveiling.mp4
    081 – 151007_5_720p Family Breeding.mp4
    082 – 151007_6_720p The Seed Bearer Disciplines Sister Davis.mp4
    083 – 151007_7_720p Grace – Anointing.mp4
    084 – 151008_1_720p Grace – Disciplinary Action.mp4
    085 – 151008_2_720p Grace – Family Breeding.mp4
    086 – 151008_3_720p Mary – Unveiling.mp4
    087 – 151008_4_720p Grace – The Covenant.mp4
    088 – 151009_01_720p Mary – The Calling.mp4
    089 – 151009_02_720p Mary – The Covenant.mp4
    090 – 160221_1_720p Kara – The Covenant.mp4
    091 – 160221_2_720p Katherine – The Covenant.mp4
    092 – 160221_3_720p Kara – The Calling.mp4
    093 – 160221_4_720p Katherine – The Calling.mp4
    094 – 160221_5_720p Katherine – Unveiling.mp4
    095 – 160221_6_720p Kara – Endowment.mp4
    096 – 160221_7_720p Katherine – Endowment.mp4
    097 – 160221_8_720p Kara and Katherine – Family Breeding.mp4
    098 – 160222_01_720p Katherine – Family Breeding.mp4
    099 – 160222_02_720p Kara – Family Breeding.mp4
    100 – 160222_03_720p Amy – Unveiling.mp4
    101 – 160222_04_720p Robin – Unveiling.mp4
    102 – 160222_05_720p Katherine – Washing.mp4
    103 – 160222_06_720p Kara – Washing.mp4
    104 – 160222_07_720p Robin – Anointing.mp4
    105 – 160222_08_720p Amy – Anointing.mp4
    106 – 160222_09_720p Robin and Amy – Disciplinary Action.mp4
    107 – 160222_10_720p Katherine and Kara – Disciplinary Action.mp4
    108 – 160522_1_720p Melody – Endowment.mp4
    109 – 160522_2_720p Melody – Unveiling.mp4
    110 – 160522_3_720p Melody – Penetrated.mp4
    111 – 160522_4_720p Melody and Jane – Family Breeding.mp4
    112 – 160522_5_720p Melody – The Calling.mp4
    113 – 160522_6_720p Melody – The Covenant.mp4
    114 – 160522_7_720p Jane – Disciplinary Action.mp4
    115 – 160522_8_720p Melody – The Mercy Seat.mp4
    116 – 160523_1_720p Pearl – Endowment.mp4
    117 – 160523_2_720p Family Breeding – Pearl, Jane, Melody and Ashleigh.mp4
    118 – 160523_3_720p Pearl – The Unveiling.mp4
    119 – 160523_4_720p Ashleigh – The Unveiling.mp4
    120 – 160523_5_720p Pearl – Initiation.mp4
    121 – 160523_6_720p Ashleigh & Melody – Family Breeding.mp4
    122 – 160523_7_720p Pearl and Jane – Family Breeding.mp4
    123 – 160523_8_720p Ashleigh – The Mercy Seat.mp4
    124 – 160524_1_720p Ashleigh – The Calling.mp4
    125 – 160524_2_720p Pearl – The Calling.mp4
    126 – 160524_3_720p Ashleigh – The Covenant.mp4
    127 – 160524_4_720p Pearl – The Covenant.mp4
    128 – 160524_5_720p Pearl – Father and Daughter.mp4
    129 – 160524_6_720p Ashleigh – Disciplinary Action.mp4
    130 – 160524_7_720p Ashleigh – Back on the Mercy Seat.mp4
    131 – 160524_8_720p Ashleigh – Alone in a Minivan with Brother Hart.mp4
    132 – 161209_1_720p Alison and Zoe – The Endowment.mp4
    133 – 161209_2_720p Zoe – The Unveiling.mp4
    134 – 161209_3_720p Zoe – Initiation.mp4
    135 – 161209_4_720p Zoe – Date Night.mp4
    136 – 161209_5_720p Alison – The Calling.mp4
    137 – 161209_6_720p Zoe – The Calling.mp4
    138 – 161209_7_720p Alison – The Covenant.mp4
    139 – 161209_8_720p Zoe – Mercy Seat.mp4
    140 – 161210_1_720p Dolly – The Covenant.mp4
    141 – 161210_2_720p Dolly – Unveiling.mp4
    142 – 161210_3_720p Dolly – Initiation.mp4
    143 – 161210_4_720p Dolly – Family Breeding.mp4
    144 – 161210_5_720p Zoe – Family Breeding.mp4
    145 – 161210_6_720p Alison- Family Breeding.mp4
    146 – 161210_7_720p Dolly – Mercy Seat.mp4
    147 – 161210_8_720p Zoe – Blackmailed.mp4
    148 – 161211_1_720p Dolly – Endowment.mp4
    149 – 161211_2_720p Dolly – Family Council.mp4
    150 – 161211_3_720p Kara blackmails Brother Rey.mp4
    151 – 161211_4_720p Dolly – The Calling.mp4
    152 – 161211_5_720p Kara – The Mercy Seat.mp4
    153 – 161211_6_720p_Dolly – Disciplinary Action.mp4
    154 – 161211_7_720p Dolly Is a Human Gift for Kara.mp4
    155 – 170425_01_720p Casey – The Covenant.mp4
    156 – 170425_02_720p Lily – The Covenant.mp4
    157 – 170425_03_720p Casey Unveiling.mp4
    158 – 170425_05_720p Casey & Lily – New Content.mp4
    159 – 170425_06_720p Lily – Mercy Sea.mp4
    160 – 170426_1_720p Lily – The Calling.mp4
    161 – 170426_2_720p Casey – The Calling.mp4
    162 – 170426_3_720p Casey – Chastised.mp4
    163 – 170426_4_720p Casey & Lily – Retribution.mp4
    164 – 170426_5a_720p Casey & Lily – Family Breeding.mp4
    165 – 170426_5b_720p Casey Initiation.mp4
    166 – 170426_6_720p Lily – Chastised.mp4
    167 – 170426_7_720p Lily Talks Casey into a Group Transgression.mp4

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