Princess Miki – Watch This With Your Grindr Date, F@ggot

Princess Miki – Watch This With Your Grindr Date, F@ggot

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Hey little cocksucker, while you can watch this video alone, the real purpose is to watch it with a date. Your Grindr date or anyone who’s cock you want to suck. I want you to watch it with him. I’m going to be addressing both of you in this clip. First I’m going to be addressing you, I’m going to tell you how I want you to suck his cock and how to be a good little faggot cocksucker. But I won’t just be talking to you, I’ll be talking to him as well. I’ll be telling him to use you however he wants to. Be as rough as possible. Abuse that little mouth of yours. And the whole time you’ll get to see and hear me laugh at you all while you have a big cock in your mouth. This is your fantasy, isn’t it? This is what you’ve wanted, me and him both there, degrading you and laughing at you. Your little cock is throbbing at the thought already. You’ve always wanted me to watch you suck cock. I’ll be watching, instructing, and laughing. So now pause the video, and when he’s there, press play.

I know you want to suck his cock, you’re ready to show him, and me, what a good little cocksucker you are. And this is for your date, ‘I want you to use and abuse him any way you want. I’ll be instructing him, but feel free to say and do whatever you want to him. I just want to watch and laugh. Be rough with him, he’s just a slutty little toy for you to use.’ Isn’t that right my little cock sucker? You see, I’m actually turning you into my little faggot right in front of my eyes.

Now suck his cock. Show him what all of my previous cock sucking instruction videos have taught you. Show me that you’ve been a good boy for me and that you’ve been practicing what I’ve taught you. You want to make me proud, don’t you cocksucker? Look at you, you’re a real fag for me now. There’s no going back from this. And I can see how much you’re enjoying this. This is what you were born to do, you’ve been wanting this for so long. You’re loving this aren’t you? Look up at him as you take his big cock down your throat.

I’m going to give you very detailed cocksucking instructions in this clip. Your mouth will serve one purpose, to please a real man’s cock. Now I want you to gag on his cock, and ‘you’, I want you to hold his head down, Lol! Did it feel good to gag on his cock? And while he’s gagging on your cock, feel free to laugh at him and call him names. He loves that. Gag on his cock again, show me how much you love gagging on cock for me. You fucking love it, that’s because you’re a little cock sucking whore. Now fuck his faggot face, show him what he is, treat him like he deserves to be treated. Look up at his face as he fucks your mouth. I want you completely degraded.

Does it feel good to be used the way you deserve to be used? You little cum slut, you want his cum, don’t you? Beg him for his cum. Show him what a cum receptacle you are. And I want you to cum down his slutty little throat, or feel free to pull out and cum all over his face. I love watching you get used like this. This is exactly what you wanted, this exactly what you deserve, and you wanted me to watch and see what a little cock sucking cum slut you are.


Name: [Humiliation POV] Princess Miki – Watch This With Your Grindr Date, F@ggotmp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 1.12 GB – 00:15:23 – 1280 x 720

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