Eva De Vil – The Ultimate Luxury

Eva De Vil – The Ultimate Luxury

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A sensual induction into my glamourous world. You’re willingly enchanted by every subtle affirmation of my superiority. Every breath I take is sumptuous and luxurious as I gently assert your place beneath me: the dull rock and the sparkling diamond.

Withstanding my immense heat, pressure and torment over time, perhaps you could become one of my special, little gems: part of my collection of men given value and purpose.

Woven with undertones alluding to financial devotion, it’s a man’s place to impress, to worship, to give.

Concealed beneath my seductive coating, I wickedly tell you that I will cru~sh and destroy you, like a plundered diamond mine, to take what I want. But I’m going to soften and tease you into giving it with pleasure. Indulge yourself with the ultimate luxury of serving me.

Every precious second of gooning is devoted to me. Now that you’re under my spell, addicted to my charm and power, you can’t quit.


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