Jerkywives – Cory Chase in House Wife is Home Alone – Husbands out of town

Jerkywives – Cory Chase in House Wife is Home Alone – Husbands out of town

Scene One: Husbands out of town Cory is having her kitchen remodeled. The two men working on it are almost done when Cory mentions her husband is out of town. They form a plan to take advantage of the super hot housewife. Locking all the doors they jump Cory in her bedroom. Putting her in a headlock they yell at her threatening her with a screwdriver. He commands her to strip off his friends pants and suck his cock. Cory tries to keep the cock out of her mouth but the men force it in making her moan in disgust and terror. Please, please! she cries as she gags on his cock ramming the back of her throat. Do you like this? They ask as she is made to suck the other mans cock. Take your pants off Cory in fear for her life looks between them, taking off her skin tight jeans and fearing what’s to come.

Scene Two: Perfect Housewife They roughly pull off her panties and she sucks one guy off while the other licks her toes. Turn her over the man says and lubes her pussy for his cock. NO Cory shouts as the man fucks her. They fuck her from both ends making her suck cock and be fucked at the same time. She is powerless to stop them ravaging her body and making her their cock puppet. Please let me go Cory pleads as one of the men jackhammers her pussy. Sucking one mans cock the other fucks her ass. Cory screams into the gagging cock in her mouth as her ass is violated. They use her and make her feel helpless.

Scene Three: Housewife made to ride Cory cries, being forced to ride on top of one of the men when his partner gets behind her and fucks her ass. How can they even fit that much inside her, stretching the housewife to her limits. He makes her taste her own ass as she continues to get fucked in her sore pussy. Taking off her glasses they fuck her mouth and ass at the same time crushing her between their cocks. Her moans, cries and pleads to stop only make them fuck her harder. Scene Four: Housewife’s pearls With legs spread wide Cory is fucked into her bed, tearing her ass apart. The man takes pleasure making her suck his dirty cock, as she is fucked in ways she never dreamed of. Cory’s thoughts go to her husband when the men ransack her house. They aren’t done yet, jerking their cocks they cum. One man giving her a pearl necklace the other shooting over her terrified face. How can she face her husband when he comes home?


Name: Cory Chase in House Wife is Home Alone – Husbands out of town
Format: mp4
Size: 134.49 MB

Width: 640 pixels
Height: 360 pixels
Format: AVC

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