OliveWood – Mommy Wants Sister to Watch

OliveWood Mommy-Wants-Sister-to-Watch

OliveWood – Mommy Wants Sister to Watch




Mommy knows about the secret crush you have on your sister. Jealous and determined to be the most desirable woman in the house, she calls you both in for a family talk and explains that it’s time for your sex education. Mommy begins by letting you both suck her breasts before casting your sister aside and focusing on you.

She reminds you that no other woman, including your sister, holds a candle to her and that mothers and sons are the perfect match. Enormously aroused by the feeling of your tongue on her breast, she bends over and instructs you to lose your virginity to her. You love the way Mommy feels from behind and the fact that your sister is watching makes it even more thrilling.

Mommy pushes you down on a chair and climbs on top of you. As she begins to ride you, she beckons your sister over for a sloppy kiss before using your cock to achieve an explosive orgasm. She encourages you to finish inside her, congratulating you when you finish and suggesting that perhaps next time you can try your sister, but ONLY with Mommy’s consent.


Name: OliveWood Mommy-Wants-Sister-to-Watchmov
Format: mov – : 1.22 GB – 00:20:40 – 1920 x 1080

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