Penny Barber – Your Mom is a Flirt pt. 2


Penny Barber – Your Mom is a Flirt pt. 2


Aunt (Penny Barber) is standing in the kitchen, wistfully gazing out the window, when Tyler (Cruise) comes in. "Good morning, sleepyhead", she greets him. "Mom didn’t tell me you were staying", he says. "Well, your stepmother has a lot of secrets, but you know that", she says. "She does?", he wonders. "How long has she been living here with you and your dad? Like a year?", she asks. "About nine months", he replies. "Well, I will not say anymore", she says. "What do you mean?", he asks. "Well, your stepmom is -she’s kind of a flirt", she contends. "Yeah, she kinda likes younger men. That’s one thing we have in common," Aunt says. "Okay", Tyler says. "I shouldn’t say anything. It’s really nice of her to invite me to stay here. You have a really nice house", she says. "You don’t have to worry about me. Just like to hang out and pretend this is my kitchen. You think I’d make a cute little housewife?", she asks…



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