[Robomeats] Fuck Teaching I’m Stopping Time

[Robomeats] Fuck Teaching I’m Stopping Time

Fuck Teaching I’m Stopping Time.wmv – 205.8 MB

Madison Chandler, Alisha Adams, Rock and Brock Brock is a lazy, underachieving college student, always late and always hungover. Luckily, one of his professors, Mr. Bottom, is as well and tells him that he cheated his way through college with the help of a timestop watch. Brock is fascinated by the idea of stopping time, he asks if Mr. B has ever tried it on girls so that he may have his way with them, Mr. B had never thought of that, but he is willing to try. Two students, Madison and Alisha are coming over to be tutored, and Mr. B invites Brock for the experiment. The two girls arrive and Brock hastily activates the watch, and they strip, fondle and fuck them.


Name: Fuck Teaching I’m Stopping Time
Format: wmv – Size: 205.85 MB – 00:27:24 – 1280 x 720

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