Sydney Harwin – First Time With Mommy

Sydney Harwin – First Time With Mommy

You are lying next to your mom on the sofa. You are too old to be messing around but you just can’t help getting a damn erection when you are close to her. Her lips, her face, her body… just does something to you that you can’t explain. Your hard dick is pressing against her, and, when she feels it she becomes irritable and tells you to go st yourself out find a girlfriend who will. You find the courage to try and touch her in between her legs, which is when you notice that even though your mom is saying no, her back is arching and there are little moans escaping her mouth. Verbally protesting but physically not trying to stop you, you take it as an invite and get on top of her. She keeps saying no, but you know your mother very well. She wants you. She wants you to fuck her. She is desperate to feel you inside of her but she doesn’t wanna admit that she craves her sons cock. Even when you are about to cum in her, she is telling you to stop, but her wet pussy is telling a different sty ūüėČ

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