Sydney Harwin – You WILL Look At Mommy

Sydney Harwin – You WILL Look At Mommy


You get turned on by being sexually inappropriate toward your mother. She doesn’t like your new attitude and is horrified at your behaviour lately. She blames the guys you are hanging out with. bad influence on you, son! Your mother is even more shocked when you ask her what panties she has on. then you start to try to show her your hard dick. She asks you to leave the house, she doesn’t want you living with her anymore. but you have something on your phone, something that shocks your mom to the core. For months you have been secretly taking video recordings of her privately masturbating and you say you’ll put them all online if she doesn’t cooperate with you. You wanna kiss your mommy. You wanna touch your mommy. You wanna fuck your mommy. which is a lot easier than you first thought! She won’t protest and she won’t make a fuss. Your mom has a stiff upper lip as you drill into her cunt. She will NOT be humiliated by her own son. She is going to take this like a woman. like a mother should take it from her son. She will not cry and she will not beg you to stop. She just won’t give you the satisfaction of fucking her against her will. Your mommy just has one request. you MUST look at her. Don’t tell her to look away because you feel guilty. Don’t let the guilt take over, son. You WILL look at your mother as you fuck her. Look at mommy and be a fucking man and take it from your mother whilst looking into her eyes.

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