Bratty Bunny – Only One Bunny

Bratty Bunny – Only One Bunny

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The one and only Bunny can mindfuck you into complete sub space. Deep deep deep down the Bunny hole you go. So deep, so horny for Bunny. You’ll do anything I say. All my commands, all my orders will be followed through by you. You will break down that ego, break down that resistance. You will be completely mind fucked. You’ll be blissed out, horny, stroking, wanting more. You’ll watch my body and feel the rush go through you. It’s so easy to take over you. All of it is mine. I control it at any time. You are under me, bowing down, looking up. Deeper down the hole you spiral. No thinking, just stroke, and go completely blank. Relax and breathe, focus, and transfix on me. There’s nowhere else for you. This is where you belong. Submissive, weak and helpless.


Name: Bratty Bunny – Only One Bunnymp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 1.19 GB – 00:16:52 – 1920 x 1080

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