eSuccubbus – Suction 1,2,3

eSuccubbus – Suction 1,2,3


01. Suction 2 (20:18)
02. Suction 3 (20:25)
03. Suction 1 (20:02)

Suction 1

A hands-free gasm training set f listeners with penises. Focuses on a very simple hypnotic hallucination and some implication of training your pelvic muscles to make climax a bit easier without having to touch. Includes a trigger, includes instructions to masturbate if you have to, but to try it without needing to. Includes a sexy scenario and descriptions of penis milking via machine.

The first of a five-part series intensifying the language and posing some practice things you can do f hands free enjoyment.

Draws on my general "Night Night" trigger and some of the concepts from Brain Drain and Overflowing.

Suction 2

This second file gets me intense and instructs you in getting your juices flowing and empowering the muscles that make your penile hands free pleasure better.

Suction 3

What happens when you have already cum? That means you get a break, right?


There are other parts of your body to stimulate during your refracty period. I am not doing this to you, you are doing it to yourself.

And you know where you feel best.

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