FamilyManipulation – Bailey Brooke – Partying with Sis 4k

FamilyManipulation – Bailey Brooke – Partying with Sis 4k

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Sis…. what are you doing!?!? Is that what I think it is????

I don’t know if I can trust you! You weren’t supposed to see this..

Look I’ll do a line too, that way you know you can trust me – See!

Fine but you really can’t tell mom and dad now, we both have a secret…. if you tell, so will I!

I swear I won’t tell anyone! It’s nice to finally be bonding with you sis!

Since we are bonding I have to tell you, that stuff gets me really horny sometimes..

Oh.. Should I leave?

No don’t leave.. Usually when I do it I’m home alone and get off a few times, Maybe you should try it out

After my sister introduces me to a new high, she tells me how much better it feels when you touch yourself while on the stuff… I was in total shock, it was the first time I had ever done something like this!

What right here? In front you of? I don’t know sis..

Here let me help you… It’s ok I can make you feel good, just relax…

She starts to stroke my cock and wow – she was right! It feels soooo much better than being sober… I’ve thought about fucking my sis before, but I never thought it would actually happen! Watch her tease me with her big round ass and her perfect D-cup titties.. Sis does one more line and begs me to fuck her.

There is nothing better than the feeling of cuming inside of my own sister!!


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