jasjaede – taking your sisters virginity

jasjaede – taking your sisters virginity


you & your sister have planned that you will be the one to take her virginity.. your parents are gone and youre going to do it now… like any virgin she is nervous & asking dumb questions but you talk her through it and she calms down a little , she starts off by stroking your cock & you tell her to use spit to get her pussy wet… you try to go in but she keeps asking you to go slower so you do until your finally in. you get so excited that you kind of just start smashing, you slow down because you remember she’s a virgin.
after awhile she gets used to your cock and even talking a little dirty! its getting you so excited.. she sucks your cock & licks all of her cream off your pussy & then you tell her to turn around you fuck her doggy for a little but shes so hot you actually cum faster than anticipated…..you cum in her pussy & she starts uncontrollably queefing while your cum is dripping out… she even mentions to you that she thought sex was supposed to be longer?.. you tell her she doesnt know anything. enjoy

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