[ManyVids] Kiki Cali – Messy Marshmallow Baby

[ManyVids] Kiki Cali – Messy Marshmallow Baby


Daddys left me at home alone today while he’s at work aaand I think this is the perfect time to sneak some sugary snacks that Daddy wouldn’t normally let me have hehe! Marshmallows it is! And theyre so yummy and sugary! mmmm. But I’m having my naughty afternoon snack is a little late and I know that Daddy will be home soon expecting to greet his diapered, as usual, babygirl! And Im not completely a naughty girl hehe so i get myself all diapered up and then go right back to stuffing my little mouth full of yummy marshmallows! …That is until I hear the sound of the front door opening downstairs because Daddy has just gotten home early! Before I’ve even gotten to sneak the marshmallows back into their hiding spot in the kitchen! But this is where being a smart little girl comes in handy hehe I figure that I will just hide the marshmallows away in my room, and try to save myself a few for later too! hehe. I know just where to hide this big marshmallows too! I hide the whole bag under some stuffies, but i save myself three to hide in a much more special hiding spot hehe my tight little bootyhole! So I quickly take one marshmallow and slip it up my little butthole, and it goes up so quick and easy! Its squishy hehe! Then I quickly take the second fluffy marshmallow and slip that one up my little hole too! I think I can hide one more in there, and I’d love an extra marshmallow to snack on later too, soo I try for the third hehe! And then I close my Diaper up quickly because I know Daddy will soon be on his way up the stairs to come greet his diapered babygirl. But oh gosh, my tummy doesn’t usually hurt while I’m closing my diaper tabs, and it just keeps getting worse. I soon realize that maybe stuffing marshmallows into my little bootyhole wasn’t such a good hiding spot to save them for later…and I have a big accident just before Daddy comes upstairs! Ugh I hate tummy aches, especially when they’re all sneaky behind Daddy’s back so I can’t have his help cleaning up!


Name: Kiki Cali – Messy Marshmallow Babymp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 835.05 MB – 00:09:34 – 1280 x 720

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