Natalie Wonder – Hide N Touchy Seek With Mommy

Natalie Wonder – Hide N Touchy Seek With Mommy

You found a good hiding spot sweetie. Can step-mommy hide in here with you? Shhhhhh let’s whisper so we’re not found. It’s so tight in here. Let’s huddle closer together. Come closer…let me just…put my hand on you. Shhhhh remember, don’t say anything, be quiet. Shhhhh…Stop…let mommy touch. Is it getting bigger? Mmmmm yes it is. You’re getting a boner. It feels good when mommy touches doesn’t it. Naughty boy. Uh oh…is someone coming? Shhhhh. Look…I’m lifting my shirt & step-mommy’s not wearing a bra. Touch…touch my tits. We only play like this in here…when we’re hiding. It feels good. There’s nothing wrong with it. I’m unzipping my shts…give me your hand sweetie. Put it in between step-mommy’s legs…underneath mommy’s underwear. Now touch…use your two fingers…like this. Inside mommy’s warm pussy hole…Mmmmmm so wet. Shhhhh it’s so hard to keep quiet…feels good. Mommy wants to touch your boner…make it grow me…make your boner get wet with cum. This was the best hiding spot…

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