Penny Barber – Signing Pennys ABDL Contract

Penny Barber – Signing Pennys ABDL Contract

Sam and I are hanging out in my room drinking when I ask him if he thinks that he can beat me at arm wrestling. He does and he’s not shy about saying so. If he wins, he wants a blow job and a hand job. If I win, all I want is f him to sign something. He’s so confident that the agrees. We do one last shot and then get to it!

He’s immediately surprised that I’m able to hold him. Then my top slips and he gets so distracted that I manage to take him down! If he thinks that he’s humiliated now, just wait until he sees what he has to sign. It’s a kinky ABDL contract spelling out exactly how he has to be my adultbaby boy f at least one week. I straddle him and read it to him as I taunt him and he scoffs. But Sam says that he’s not the kind of guy who welches on a bet, so he reluctantly signs it.

His first day is no walk in the park. After breaking not one, not two, but THREE of the conditions of his contract, I have no choice but to give him a spanking. He takes 30 hard swats on the butt as he stands in front of his framed contract.

Once he’s dressed in his cute onesie, I make him go over to the diaper wall and pick out a diaper (and, no, you’re too little f pull-ups, Sam!) while I suck his hard cock. I guess he likes being humiliated and regressed me than he thought that he would! He gets a long, teasing hand job and fingering with creamy babyoil, but I won’t let him cum until he wets it.

He tries desperately to overcome his toilet training and finally manages to wet a little bit, but it isn’t enough, so I help him! I open his diaper, straddle his cock, and release my pee all over his eager cock. I’m so turned on by how kinky it is that I decide to jerk him off right there into his wet diaper, making him nurse on my breast while I do it. He makes a huge mess, with his cum oozing out of his cock into his twice-wet diaper. 6 days to go.

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