Reverse Cow-Bitch (Cybill Troy & Veronica Vixen)

Reverse Cow-Bitch (Cybill Troy & Veronica Vixen)

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Cybill Troy & Veronica Vixen are looking to have some good filthy fun. They want to really put their bitch for the day through the wringer.
Before they get down to the main filth event its important that their bitch gets things nicely lubed up, after all, giant cocks should be nice and wet.
Mistress Veronica’s large white cock is forced deep down the throat of their fuck-toy. She pummels her cock again and again into the willing mouth-hole, while Miss Troy grabs the head of their toy, keeping that mouth firmly in place. The fierce face fucking is soon triggering all sorts of noises from gagging on the huge cock. Gagged to the point of making a mess on the floor, this bitch knows that when Cybill Troy says to eat it back up, thats what happens.
With its face nicely fucked, throat nicely opened and a giant cock all wet, Cybill Troy and Mistress Vixen waste no time or that slippery spit. They command the bitch to back up onto Mistress Veronicas waiting cock, to lower that ass onto the cock so fresh with throat lube.
They make their bitch ride that cock reverse. He is their reverse cowbitch and they make him ride it good.
Fucked hard and viciously until squealing and useless, its clear that this fucktoy still has further uses for the two powerful Mistresses, so they throw him onto all fours. Mistress Vixen continues to pound his ass as Miss Troy gets her cock lubed via face fucking that squealing bitch mouth hard.
With both of their cocks now good and wet, along with both ends of their bitch, Cybill Troy and Mistress Veronica throw their piece of fuck-able meat onto the couch so that they can pound those wet holes front and back at the same time. Their reverse cowbitch soon has no idea which direction is reverse or forward, the only direction that matters is which ever one his Mistresses want to fuck him in.


Name: Reverse Cow-Bitch (Cybill Troy & Veronica Vixen)mp4
Format: mp4 – Size: 287.3 MB – 00:11:00 – 1280 x 720

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