Taboo-Fantasy – Return of The Fertility Idol – Brother and sister fuck…

Taboo-Fantasy – Return of The Fertility Idol – Brother and sister fuck after accidentally touching mysterious fertility artifact

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THIS POWERFUL FERTILITY IDOL WREAKS HAVOC FOR POOR LEXY!!! IT MAKES HER TO MASTURBATE REPEATEDLY…. IT MAGICALLY RETURNS AFTER SHE THROWS IT OUT HER WINDOW….AND IT MAKSES HER HAVE UNCONTROLLABLE SEXUAL INTERCOURSE WITH HER BROTHER JOSH!!! Lexy orders a "unique" item off the Internet. It is a Powerful Fertility Idol. It is said to cause unbelievable Lust & Horniness to those who come in contact with it. Lexy knows (or thinks she knows….lol) that the statue is a harmless decoration…..and she simply ordered it because she thinks it will look pretty in her bedroom. Within moments after the arrival of the Fertility Idol, however…Lexy begins to feel "funny"….and she strips off her shorts and begins to furiously masturbate. After bringing herself to an explosive orgasm…Lexy becomes frightened…and determines that the Idol IS in fact Powerful….so she throws it out her window, calling it "pure evil". To her horror, however….when she goes to bed that night…there it is again!!! Sitting on her bed!!! "Why are you here???!!! I threw you away!!!" Lexy screams….but it is no use….she is again taken under it’s evil spell…and she starts masturbating again!! Her cries of lust are so loud that her Brother Josh comes in her room to see if she is OK. Lexy screams at Josh to get out…."Run Josh….RUN!!!… yourself…..". Josh is totally confused….and in an attempt to rid herself of the Power of the Idol….she throws it in his direction!! Josh catches the Powerful Fertility Idol…and, next thing you know….he is under the spell too!! Josh rips off his clothes and attacks his baby Sister!!! The two poisoned Siblings hump each other silly until Josh unloads all over his sister with a violent cum explosion!! This is one Mega Powerful Fertility Idol!!!!!


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