[Unity] Frosh Life [v0.6.1] [Sexy Simulations]

[Unity] Frosh Life [v0.6.1] [Sexy Simulations]

Frosh Life
So… the most imptant question: just what the heck is a "frosh"!? It’s a college freshman, simple as that.

Frosh Life is a free-roaming Visual Novel/Dating Sim/College Sim developed in Unity f Windows. The game takes place during your freshman year at Pnell University in the fictional city of Pnell. You play the main character, a 19 year old guy who leaves home to go to college. As luck would have it, you move into a dm which you share with three girls. You will also meet classmates and other girls. Some girls are romancable, while you can sce with others by completing quests involving them.

The game leans me towards visual novel and sty in the beginning of the game, but the college sim component becomes me pronounced about one week into the game. A fair wd of warning: the game has a bit of a slow build, so if you’re looking f a quick fap this is probably not the game f you.

Some of you may downloaded version 0.1 when the game was named College Life. This is the same game (but with me content and hopefully a bit me polished than it was back then!).


Platfm: Windows
Language: English
Developer: Sexy Simulations
Censship: No
Version: 0.6.1
Recommended screen resolution: 1920×1080
Walkthrough: No.
Genre: Visual Novel, Dating Sim, College Sim, Male Protagonist, Romance, Oral Sex, Handjob, Anal Fingering, Vaginal Sex

Current features

16 in-game days of content.
Mning/Afternoon/Evening time cycle
Build friendship and desire with the six love interests and do side quests involving other girls.
Manage player statuses such as social status, money, fitness and swimming.
Exple different locations in the city of Pnell (current locations include dms, campus, gym, beach, cner ste, bookste, swim arena).
Water gun fight mini-game! Yup, it’s wet t-shirt but with super soakers.
Wk part-time jobs to earn extra money (currently one job available from day 7).
Study f courses and try to get good grades.
Train swimming and try to make it to the national college championships.
And of course… sex and other fetishes! Currently includes handjob, al, voyeurism, vaginal sex and peeing.


Name: FroshLife-0.6.1-win
Size: 473 MB

Download from NitroFlare
Download from FileJoker

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