WorshipTheWolfe – If Only you Were Quarantined With Me

WorshipTheWolfe – If Only you Were Quarantined With Me

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So, here W/we are, day 14 of quarantine. Things are starting to get weird! I’m getting ready to go to a virtual rave, I’m going to have to remove My own gel polish, and… I’m almost out of toilet paper!

I know, you can’t help but be turned on by the idea of Me being without toilet paper and desiring for your tongue to clean My dirty hole. I suppose I made you that way, didn’t I? Ever since that one fateful day you forgot to replace the toilet paper in My bathroom two years ago (video here!) you’ve become addicted to the scent, sight, and taste of My waste.

I truly do wish you could be here, quarantined with Me. your tongue cleaning and pleasuring My hole after every time I relieve myself is far more enjoyable than having to wipe Myself. Unfortunately I’m alone with no little slave to lick Me clean, and you’re over there, with no Goddess to lick clean… but that doesn’t mean you can’t fantasize about it.

That’s right, I’m going to let you jerk to My tight, dirty hole (I just went, and I was kind enough to wipe poorly for you) while I remind you of what it’s like to be there in the bathroom with Me.

After I allow you to blow your load while entertaining that dirty fantasy of yours, I have a very important message for all My good toilet boys.


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